Email Marketing

Struggling to engage B2B leads? Consumers abandoning shopping carts?
Then email marketing is ready to go to work for you.

B2B Nurture Campaigns.

Your sales cycle is long - I get it. Don't let those lukewarm leads drift away. Set up automated touchpoints to educate and delight them, and watch them become warm leads for your sales team to close.

Trigger Behavioral Emails.

Consumers take dozens, if not hundreds, of unique steps on your site. Sure, not all of them mean anything. But some steps mean quite a bit! Trigger emails at crucial times in the buyer's journey to help bring them through your sales funnel.

Build a community.

Newsletters don't have to be cumbersome, egotistical emails that get left in the Promotions folder. Start sending emails that foster a sense of community around your brand to build brand equity.