Made Simple.

Need marketing help? I've got packages designed to meet a variety of marketing needs, or contact me if you need a personalized solution. 

Monthly Reporting

Key data drives revenue– simple.

  • Customized monthly dashboard delivers you key business insights.
  • Personalized goal and event tracking setup on key interactions.
  • Identify marketing channels that work as well as where your website and sales funnel break down.

SEO & Website Conversion

Your website is a 24/7 employee. When's the last time you evaluated it?

  • Collaborate to set vision for website content and consumer journey.
  • Collect keyword research to target existing SEO opportunities for your website and landing pages.
  • Explore untapped keyword groups to expand your site traffic to new audiences.
  • Develop an ideal website experience and plan key A/B tests to drive traffic through it.

Comprehensive Consulting

Mmmm. I love comprehensive! What's in this package?

  • Review existing website, CRM, and other analytics to gain business context.
  • Evaluate desired goals for the website and company and benchmark necessary metrics to get there.
  • Offer holistic marketing strategy to help reach yearly goals.
  • Assist your team in implementing strategies across different platforms and channels.
  • Conduct 4 quarterly reviews to evaluate and optimize existing marketing strategy.

Unique Problem?
I've got custom solutions.

Your business is unique. Get a marketing solution unique to your business!


* Bundles are based on projected hours, but contact me to discuss a unique scope of work!
** If you don't have analytics software(s) set up on your site, I can implement them for $100 + software costs.